Design Build Specialty

Design Build Specialty

We here at Nichols Industrial Construction Co., Inc. (NICCO) have been involved in the construction industry since 1947 and we have a long history of pre-engineered metal Building Erection experience.

Because we have watched the pre-engineered metal building industry evolve over the past fifty years, we have a frame of reference and understanding of all phases of Pre-engineered metal building design and build criteria.

We have erected most of the mainstream pre-engineered metal buildings on the market today. We know what works and what doesn’t. We have an appreciation for those pre-engineered metal buildings that are well designed, and we avoid those that are not.

We have the capability and experience to design, build, and erect most any type or size of pre-engineered metal building and we are not limited by the design programs capabilities. We understand that many of the industrial markets we work in require extra attention to design detail and structural integrity as well as excessive load capability.

We have access to engineers and qualified fabricators we work with to assure area building codes are not only met, but also exceeded. Stamped and sealed drawings are made available as needed for each project.

We strive to “make it happen” when it comes to design and build pre-engineered metal buildings.