Retrofit Systems

Retrofit Systems

Many pre-engineered metal buildings are well over the 25-30 year life age warrantee limit which has resulted in severe leak problems for owners.

As the pre-engineered metal building market has aged there has been an increasing demand for solutions to roof leak problems.

The Solutions are

  1. Roof Coating using aluminum based sealant or equivalent
  2. Replacement of the roof with a new roof
  3. Retro Fit roof applications

A few of the benefits of Retro Fit roof applications are as follows:

  1. Not disturbing the existing roof
  2. Less exposure to weather of the facilities during the construction process
  3. Aesthetic Design may be enhanced

We have extensive experience in the erection of all types of Retro Fit roof systems. A Retro Fit Design may be the solution for your roof leak problems.