Safety Training

Safety Training

The industrial siding and roofing industry requires a firm commitment to safety.  We here at Nichols Industrial Construction Co., Inc. (NICCO) are committed to each job being performed in a safe, orderly and productive manner.

The industrial roofing and siding environment we work in requires a concentrated effort that focuses on each of the following issues:

I.  Safe – We strive to train and equip all employees so that each individual has the highest regard for a safety first mentality. Several ways we accomplish this:

  1. Background checks and initial safety orientation a. Drug testing b. OSHA, MSHA, ANSI, and other hands-on training administered by qualified personnel.
  2. ANSI Z359  Fall Protection competent person training for all supervisors and foremans (The most stringent fall protection standard).
  3. Daily “JSA” (Job Safety Awareness) site-specific documented safety meetings.
  4. Continual ongoing safety awareness and training.
  5. Specialized safety training for all equipment operators, supervision, etc.

II.  Orderly – The environment we work in is very dangerous and potentially hazardous to each of our employees as well as plant personnel working in the construction area. Because of this, it is essential that we maintain an orderly jobsite environment, which involves:

  1. Communications and coordination with plant production and personnel
  2. A systematic approach – having a plan and working the plan
  3. Continual clean up and cover up by the shift’s end
  4. Meeting time schedules and shut down schedules
  5. Keeping a high priority on minimizing interference with the production process
  6. Maintaining an environmentally friendly workplace

III.  Productive – The third and final aspect of our commitment involves consistent production.  It is our goal to get in and out of each jobsite in a way that not only reflects well on us and on our work ethic, but also sends a message to the corporate executives that our hire was the right hire. (Reflecting well on those who hired us.)

Production not “at any cost,” but production in a safe, orderly manner. It’s been said and we agree – Nobody in the industrial roofing and siding industry can accomplish more than our crews in any given period of time.  Our commitment to a safe, orderly, and productive jobsite makes that possible – something we are very proud of.