Building a legacy one project at a time by maintaining integrity, initiative, and investment in a safe, orderly, and productive jobsite.

"Integrity is our tradmark"

We at Nichols Industrial Construction Co., Inc. (NICCO) have been in the construction industry since 1947. We are now in our third generation. Our family has installed literally millions of square feet of siding and roofing during that time.

J.C. Nichols began hanging steel as an ironworker immediately after serving in the Navy in WWII. Within a few years he had his own business as an industrial siding and roofing contractor. He started with a belief in a strong work ethic and that a man’s word is his bond.

The world has seen many changes since that time, but some things never change. Today we are fully committed to those same beliefs. It is our desire to pass on a ‘legacy of integrity’ one project at a time.

In the past it was said, “The customer is always right.” That belief seems to have been lost in recent years. We believe it’s that type of attitude toward customer service and satisfaction that defines a successful business, because some things never change.

It has been said by our customers, and we agree, 'No one in the industrial roofing and siding industry can accomplish more than our crews in any given period of time.' Our commitment to a safe, orderly, and productive jobsite makes that possible.